“Over a Christmas Dinner, 2008 in England, sitting on the right from to the head of the table, wearing a dinner suit, whilst being served by the butler of the house, I was proposed the idea to joining a family ritual, a Boxing Day Hunt and told not to forget to bring my camera 

The outcome of my one role of film was the momentum for this series. From this point onwards throughout the following five years I was allowed to paint in my mind’s eye the many images that created the compilation of this book HIDDEN.”

The Hunting Locations

South East Norway
Lappland, Finland
Norfolk, England


Cumbria, England
Westmeath, Ireland
Highlands, Scotland


Sibiu, Romania
Bavaria, Germany
Saxon, Germany


Steiermark, Austria
Sarthe, France
Andalucia, Spain

HIDDEN | A Photobook by Michael Tummings

Michael Tumming’s series “Hidden” is a photographic study of a group of people and their culture going beyond the portraiture of individuals and presenting them as a kind of tribe. Tummings has followed the hunt throughout Europe (England, Romania, Spain, Germany,…) over five years. Travelling widely in season, the hunts he experienced were social events.

“With the patience, skill and timing of a man with a gun crouched behind a tree Tummings has unpacked a hidden world of tradition and privilege in quick and telling shots to the heart.” 

(Alison Nordström, Curator-at-Large, George Eastman House, Rochester)

The Book

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HIDDEN by Michael Tummings
95 pages, 49,90 €/ USD 65
41 color illustrations/ 8 b/w
3 Essays German/English
ISBN 978-3-86828-289-4
Hardcover 24 x 30 cm, 9.45 x 11.8 inch
Published by Kehrer Verlag, Germany

With his 4 x 5 camera he gained a privileged perspective on the “species”, shooting moments of introspection, elation, concentration and even boredom. The images reveal an uncanny skill in capturing precise sensations of telling moments – often expressed by the synecdoche of color.

The subject of “Hidden” produces controversial reactions and the photo series tells not only one story but offers many readings with its underlying romantic, naturalistic, mystical and socio-analytical components.

Limited Collector's Editions
The Book

Hidden the Book

Hidden the Book

Limited Edition Print:
Rat Catcher

Hidden the Book

Limited Edition Print:
Bavaria XXII 

Hidden the Book

Limited Edition Print:
Norfolk Boy I

An original work by Michael Tummings is available with the book:

* Limited edition of 30 plus 6 a.p.
* Signed and numbered Archival c-print in folder
* With HIDDEN the book, in hand-made box
* Sheet size: 24 x 30 cm (9.45 x 11.8 inches)

Price: € 450,00

Order the Book


Book format 24 x 30 cm
(9.45 x 11.8 inches),

hardcover, bound with green Italian linen, embossed on the cover and with a small image on the back.


85 pages show a sequence of 41 color images, enclosed by two poems.

Another seperated 10 pages on coloured paper contain three essays and 8 b/w images.


Essays by:
Michael Tummings

Alison Nordström
(Head curator at George Eastman House, Rochester),

Elizabeth Brown
(Former chief curator of the Henry Art Gallery, Seattle, Washington).


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“My curiosity was always less about pursuing hunting as an act of killing, and more about following a group which possesses a kind of timeless manner in the midst of these hectic tick-tock times: traditional, nature-driven, ritualistic, emotional, familial, communal, archaic, in the moment. It’s the anthropologist in me who wants to dig deeper and understand, open-minded and without judgment, what it means to walk the path of one’s ancestors.”
(Michael Tummings)

The original art pieces are archival pigment prints on archival paper, available in three sizes:

inches 18 x 18, 27 x 27, 40 x 40 cm 46 x 46, 69 x 69, 101 x 101) in an edition of 6 plus 2 APs

About Michael Tummings

Michael Tummings is a photographer, born 1966 to Jamaican immigrants in London. He has been travelling the planet since the age of 17 and is currently based in Munich, Germany.

Tummings art photography focuses on portraiture of individuals representing social groups and tribes.

The Huntsman Figure