Michael Tummings has created his first figurative work, “Huntsman I”, in collaboration with the Porzellan Manufaktur Nymphenburg.
Working closely with the master workshops for over a year, the Jamaican artist examined the historical hunting figures from the Nymphenburg repertoire in depth, and thus created a contemporary interpretation.

The Book
The Book
The Book
The Book
Michael Tumming's Huntsman Figure
The Book

“Michael Tummings is certainly to be seen in the tradtion of artists that stand for Nymphenburg Porzellan.

Similar to the master pieces of Franz Anton Bustelli the huntsman is communicating to us only via body language – but completely different: Whereas in the “Commedia dell’ Arte exuberance and dainteness prevail, Tummings succeeded in giving the white bisque virility and nonchalance. This is equally stunning and captivating.

Above all the figurine is fascinating by representing an archetype of the “homo collector venator” – with its many small details, that it only reveals to the viewer when he approaches it ​​again and again from all sides.”

(Sven Kielgas, Art Collector, Munich)


The Huntsman.
Thoughts of a Collector

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by Sven Kielgas
(German Version)

The Collaboration with Nymphenburg

“With entering Nymphenburg Porzellan, I felt like I’d tapped into a world that is so off the grid. Where mastery of the uncontrollable is still a fine line. Which is so unlike the fast pace of today, where the association to finer details seems to be like shards of porcelain to be brushed away.”

“There were moments of having the overwhelming feeling of being guided – pushed along by an invisible mentor helping to multiply the input that was given by the amazing staff and trying to push the boundary within the craft.”     (Michael Tummings)

Tummings views the subject from the perspective of a photographer, in an almost photo-realistic manner. The fine details are shown to particular advantage on the pure white of the bisque porcelain: from the individual buttons, to the shoelaces, to the cord on the hat – everything is portrayed naturalistically.

Tummings’ artistic study is a modern interpretation of an archetypal theme: the limited art edition “Huntsman I” adds a contemporary perspective to the extensive historical repertoire of hunting scenes in the archives of the porcelain manufactory.

Nymphenburg’s exceptional figures

Centrepieces, sacral figures, and ornamental figures have all been part of the Porzellan Manufaktur Nymphenburg’s repertoire from the beginning. Right from the early years, the manufactory established its international reputation with the exceptional figures by the Rococo sculptor Franz Anton Bustelli and his successor Dominikus Auliczek.

Bustelli’s Commedia Dell’Arte characters and his chinoiserie pieces are still among the most popular Nymphenburg figures today. Individual works such as the crucifix by Ignaz Günther demonstrate the extraordinary artistic quality of Nymphenburg designs.

Nymphenburg Porcelain Manufactory
The Book

…is the porcelain manufactory of the Bavarian crown. The noble art of porcelain-making has been cultivated here since its founding in 1747. Even now, manu factum means in Nymphenburg what it always did – completely handmade, using techniques passed on and preserved from generation to generation.

This is the only way to assure the unrivalled fineness, subtlety and brilliance of porcelain that Nymphenburg’s global reputation is based on. The manufactory’s master workshops produce avantgarde and tailor-made designs from four centuries, created right up to the present day by the most distinguished artists, architects and designers.

LIMITED EDITION of a hunter in white bisque porcelain in collaboration with Nymphenburg Porcelain:

Limited edition of 25 pieces
(plus 2 a.p.)
Material: white bisque porcelain
Hight: 38 cm (15 in.)
Socle: handcrafted, dark green glas, by Theresienthal
Price: on application
Coming with a signed edition of the artist’s photobook “Hidden”

The Book
About Michael Tummings

Michael Tummings is a photographer, born 1966 to Jamaican immigrants in London. He has been travelling the planet since the age of 17 and is currently based in Munich, Germany.

Tummings art photography focuses on portraiture of individuals representing social groups and tribes.

The Huntsman Figure